Poplar Spring is very blessed to have the youth and children we do. Along with that blessing comes a great responsibility. To address those great opportunities and responsibilities Poplar Spring is seeking to come along side the parents in training these young people. 

  • Youth & Children

    Our youth meet each week on Sunday Morning to learn the Bible and how to live in the contemporary setting. Additionally, each summer the Church offers the opportunity to attend a camp where they are encouraged and challenged in the Scriptures. Throughout the year, various events are offered for our youth.

    For the younger children, learning opportunities are also available. On Sundays, teachers and leaders of these various classes are teaching simple, bite-size lessons in order to help parents begin laying a solid foundation upon which they can build. 

  • Nursery

    We have nursery available for children two years-old and younger during the Sunday school hour and the worship time. All of our nursery workers must pass a background check as well as go through training in order to serve in the nursery. Your children will be loved and well-cared for during their time in nursery.