Sunday Worship, December 15, 2019

Sermon Text: Acts 23:12-24:27

Summary: A Plot to Murder Paul, and His Trial Before The Roman Governor Felix

When the Jewish Council is divided and Paul's trial before them is ended, over 40 Jews vow not to eat or drink until they have killed Paul, but their plot is uncovered and Paul goes to Felix the governor under heavy guard. Before Felix, Paul is again falsely accused by the high priest Ananias and the Jews, and Felix, wishing to favor them, keeps Paul in prison for over two years. 

Study Questions: 

1. In 23:12-24, a plot to murder Paul is uncovered and thwarted so that Paul goes safely to Felix the governor. Are you living the kind of life for Christ that will bring such conviction upon evil men that they will plot against you or find ways to try to keep you quiet? Will you trust God to deliver you from or through the plots against us, the insults, mockery, gossip, personal attacks, the hatred?

2. In 24:1-27, Paul is again put on trial and, though nothing can be proven against him and he gives a strong defense, he is still left in prison. Do you know that as a Christian, you are on trial before those around you? Are you willing to give a bold and strong defense and witness of your faith in Jesus Christ, even knowing you may be unjustly and poorly treated, even as Jesus Christ was unjustly arrested, accused, condemned, and crucified for Your salvation?


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