Service Updates


Good evening church family, 

We wanted to give you a quick update. Out of a desire to follow the request of our governor and president, we are suspending all activities on campus at PSBC until further notice. As elders, we recognize our duty to shepherd the flock at PSBC and one of the primary ways we do that is by feeding you God’s Word. 

We also want to be clear that an online service is not an adequate replacement for the physical gathering of God’s people for corporate worship. Because both of these things are true, we want to offer teaching this Sunday through our website so that we are in the Word together even when we are not able to gather physically. With that said, we are not including singing, prayer and all of the other elements of our physical gathering. We are doing this intentionally because we believe that it is good to feel this absence in our lives. We hope you will sing as a family, pray, watch the teaching and have great discussions on the text, but also long for the day when we can be back together for fellowship and corporate worship.

Additionally, we are making resources available on our website that will help you lead family worship in your homes during this time. We will make worship song suggestions with links to the songs on YouTube and we will provide discussion questions you can use at the conclusion of the teaching time. 

If you have any questions, or need help setting up your technology so that you can access these materials, please reach out to Matt or Michael by phone or by the church email address: 
psbaptistchurch@gmail.comIf you would like further explanation on our approach or why we are choosing this option, a short video is available here: (see above videos)

We Love You,

Your Elders at PSBC



Good evening church family, 


We wanted to give you an update on our plans for this weekend. Your elders have been meeting and praying through all of the latest information regarding the corona virus. There is a potential positive case in our community and Gov. Cooper has banned all gatherings over 100 people. With this information, we believe it best to cancel all gatherings at PSBC this weekend and next Wednesday night. We will not be live streaming, but we encourage you to gather for family worship. We will update you mid-week with our plan moving forward. Please let your elder, or the church office know if you need anything. We love you. 


The elders at PSBC



We apologize for taking so long to get this to you but we wanted to gather as much information as possible before making any decisions about gathering this weekend. These are our plans: 

  • We have decided to continue with our worship gathering this Sunday, March 15th at 10am. 
  • We are cancelling Men’s Institute, Sunday school, our new members class, and Wednesday night activities on March 18th.
  • We believe this is best because it limits our risk of exposure to the virus, but still prioritizes our meeting together for corporate worship. 
  • With that said, our older members and members that are more susceptible to illness, should exercise discernment and feel no guilt in staying home this Sunday. 
  • Our worship gathering will not be live streamed, but the sermon will be available immediately following the gathering as usual. 
  • We are taking further steps by sanitizing all commonly touched surfaces (door handles, sinks, bathroom fixtures, etc.) 
  • Instead of passing the offering plates, we will have a time in our worship gathering where you can bring your tithes and offerings to the front. Additionally, online giving will continue to be an available option. 
  • We are foregoing the fellowship table and coffee stations this week, so bring your own coffee mugs! 
  • If you have needs, please don’t hesitate to contact your elder or the church office. We want to serve you during this time.  The best email to use is psbaptistchurch@gmail.com

Please remember that God is not surprised or caught off guard by this strange time in our world. He is still on the throne. He is with us and he is good. This is a time for us to live with wisdom, exercise care for our neighbors, and trust in our sovereign God. May we live in a way that honors Christ even as those around us are gripped with fear and anxiety.