This Week's Word

Ruth 3

Weekly Worship Guide

While we are not able to gather due to quarantine you'll find a weekly selection of suggested worship songs to sing as you lead your family in worship.

These songs are selected by the pastors to pair with the teaching for the week.

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  • Come ye sinners

    Vertical Church

  • Great is thy faithfulness

    Mike Weaver / Once Sonic Society

  • His mercy is more

    Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

  • I stand amazed

    Norton Hall Band

This Week's Word: Discussion Questions

1)   In Naomi's instruction to Ruth, we see what could be an example of seeking a good goal in an unwise way. Have you made similar mistakes? What did you learn from those occasions? 

2)    One interpretation of Ruth 3 says that Naomi intended for Ruth to utilize seduction in her encounter with Boaz. If that is the case, this is a clear example of a believer giving ungodly council. How do we filter the council we receive? How do we guard against giving unwise council?  

3)    How does Boaz serve as a type of Christ in chapter 3? What truth does Ruth 3 teach us about Christ, our redeemer, that leads us to worship him? 

4)    How did God pursue Naomi in Ruth 3? How does God give you hope, fullness, and confidence today, despite any circumstances you could be walking through?  

5)    How can you think or act differently today as a result of God’s Word?